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The power of loving touch

At birth babies have around 200 billion brain cells. There are, however, very few connections between the cells. Connections form most quickly during the first 3 years of a child’s life (at a rate of up to 1 million per second!). As parents we have so much influence over the development of our baby’s brains. Regular loving touch is key for supporting healthy emotional development.

When a baby experiences a positive emotional connection with their parent it stimulates the forming of healthy pathways in their brain. Later in life, these connections help them to cope better with stress and to form healthy relationships. This is because there is a powerful flow of energy and information from parent to baby/child when we give them our focused attention, eye contact and touch. Babies who enjoy regular loving touch experience oxytocin dominance in the brain. Oxytocin, described as the love hormone, is associated with feeling safe and loved.

Magnetic resonance image showing the burst of oxytocin in a baby’s brain when kissed by his mother.

Baby Reflex is a special set of reflexology techniques that help parents to connect with their baby. Baby reflex, given with loving touch, is a gentle and natural way to help babies flourish. It generates a feeling of contentment and helps to stimulate healthy emotional and social development. Parents who regularly practice Baby Reflex will find that the techniques are not only useful in the crucial early years of brain development, but as a loving way to connect with their toddler and child as they grow.

Babyology Dorset offers baby reflexology classes and home visits in East Dorset & Ringwood. Baby Reflex practitioners can also be found nationwide.

x Rebecca

Rebecca is a midwife, health visitor and mum. She runs Babyology Dorset to support new parents in Bournemouth, East Dorset & Ringwood through home visits and classes.

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