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Covid-19 Pandemic

The last few weeks have been strange (to say the very least!) for each and every one of us. Like all working mum’s I have been navigating home-school with work. My primary work has been as a health visitor – but rather than visiting homes, I have been talking with new mums over the phone. While some have felt fairly relaxed and safe at home with their new baby, others have expressed a whole range of anxieties and it has reminded me how we use so much more than words to convey reassurance, comfort and information. And, of course, the usual stresses and strains of being a new parent exist – coronavirus or not!

Becoming a parent is super-special but scary too!


While I have, of course, needed to cancel Babyology venue courses and reflexology treatments, I will continue to offer one-to-one support (via telephone or zoom – please drop me a line for more information). I will also be sharing some babycare tips via my Facebook & Instagram pages every Thursday throughout April. I’ll be posting some of the most handy techniques I have learned over my years working with parents & babies, including some easy to learn baby reflexology tips.

If you are expectant or new parents and would like more information on caring for your baby through the coronavirus pandemic please see

Stay safe & sending my love,

Rebecca x


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