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Hi, I am Rebecca, a midwife, nurse specialist and qualified reflexologist with over 20 years combined experience.  I am also a mum of two lovely boys and recall how useful I found reflexology for supporting them as babies…

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Since qualifying as a midwife in 2003 I have worked in various roles in both hospitals and in the community. Alongside running Babyology Dorset, I continue to work for the NHS. Working with new parents I have seen over and over again that the arrival of a new baby can bring some of life’s greatest magical moments.  However,  it can also be a time when we feel exhausted, overwhelmed and lonely.  I developed Babyology Dorset to include services to support parents in a range of ways at this time of transition, in addition to continuing my much loved work as a reflexologist. 

Babyology’s Hello Baby course is designed to provide timely information, support and to encourage new friendships for parents with babies from birth to 4 months.  At the heart of the course is my wish to support parents as they develop their own parenting style, promoting confidence and enjoyment of this special (but often challenging) time.

Every baby is different!  Sometimes a family may have needs or concerns that are best explored one-to-one.  One-to-one consultations are parent-led and provide an opportunity to explore individual concerns and to offer personalised information, support and signposting. 

Reflexology has been a central inspiration in developing my package of care.  I have been offering reflexology to women at all stages of life for over 15 years and am always delighted with the positive feedback I receive.  Reflexology is a nurturing and balancing therapy, helpful for supporting both physical and emotional health.  I have found reflexology to be beneficial for promoting hormone balance for those preparing to start a family through to women with menopausal symptoms.  My treatments are safe during pregnancy, and are particularly useful for priming labour from 40 weeks.  It is also perfect for counteracting the stresses and hormonal changes of the early weeks as a new mum.  Reflexology treatments are undertaken in your own home.   Baby Reflex Logo

Reflexology is safe and effective for babies too! It is also a wonderful way for parents to spend quiet time connecting and bonding with their baby. As a Baby Reflex instructor, I am trained to teach effective, easy-to-learn reflexology techniques to parents.  The course is designed for babies from 4 weeks to pre-crawling, although techniques learned can be used on babies and children of all ages.  Baby Reflex classes are small, friendly and surprisingly relaxing!

Please do not hesitate to get in touch for more information.  Visit my Facebook page for the latest updates, and why not Like our page to stay in touch?

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