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baby Babyology Dorset
Hello Baby Course

A 3 week postnatal course. Information, support and time to share experiences over a cuppa!  Relaxed and friendly class for parents with new babies from birth to 4 months.

baby Babyology Dorset
Baby Reflex Course

Reflexology for babies! A 3 week course where you will be supported to learn simple & gentle techniques to calm and soothe your baby naturally.

baby Babyology Dorset
Baby Safe Course

A unique 2 session course for parents & grandparents. Increase your confidence in caring for your unwell baby, accident awareness and learn infant first aid.

Why Babyology?

I am Rebecca, midwife, nurse specialist & qualified reflexologist.  I am also a mum of two lovely boys and remember well the highs and lows of life with a new baby.  I set up Babyology Dorset to support parents as they welcome their new arrival with the aim of promoting confidence and nurturing the bond between parents and babies. Read more about Rebecca…

Feedback from my Postnatal Courses and Reflexology Treatments

Home Visits

The arrival of a new baby can bring with it many questions, anxieties and self-doubt.  Would you benefit from a personalised home visit?


Pregnancy and new mum reflexology treatments in the comfort and convenience of your own home – new babies can snuggle up during your treatment.

Health Professional Led
Relaxed Learning

Babyology Blog

Young Father Changing Nappy. Babyology Dorset

Focus on… baby skincare

How to care for your baby's skin may not have been something you gave much thought to while you were…

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Newborn Baby In Car Seat

Congratulations – You’re Parents!

Taking your newborn baby home The midwife has completed your checks, your baby has fed, the paperwork is done, and…

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Little Book Of Self-care For New Mums

Why not read…

The Little Book of Self Care for New Mums. I am so pleased to see books like this appearing in…

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